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March 26, 2022

Do NOT Do This When Building Your B2B Community

Do NOT Do This When Building Your B2B Community

In this quick episode, I share a mistake that people make when trying to build a community around their business or personal brand.

That mistake is to force the people into a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Mighty Networks Group, or any sort of forum.

That is too much to ask for in today's environment, because people are overwhelmed already.

The MVP of your community should be a simple recurring meetup, in-person or virtually.

Do that 2, 3, 4, 5, and more times before even thinking of boxing people into a group.

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 What is up, everybody. Welcome back. To the show. This is Moby and I just want to put in a short, short reminder. About community. 'cause that's something that we've been kind of touching upon in different episodes. Of the show. When people think like, Hey, I want to have a community around my brand. 

Whether it's a business or a personal brand, a lot of people think. Groups. Forums. Or a place that they can just put people and they'll all have communications and they'll meet. And when you were starting out. And you believe that community is the right thing to do. For your business or even your personal brand. 

I would. Stay away. As much as possible. From thinking I have to put people. In a group. Or a forum. Or like something like mighty networks. Uh, community does not. Have to be. A defined group of people. Who. Talk to each other on a centralized platform. Because that creates a ton of work. For you as the creator of that community. 

To create it, maintain it. Keep it alive. Grow it anymore. 

I consider the MVP, the minimum viable product of a community. To be a recurring. Meetup. And in which people that you want to serve come together. To interact with each other to learn from you learn from. Others. And just feel a part of something. 

When we are going to build our community. And I've been thinking about this for a long time. It is definitely, definitely not going to have. A place where people. Are going to message each other like slack or a Facebook group or LinkedIn group on mighty networks. It is going to start. 

As and stay as. Eric occurring meeting in person or invert or virtually. Because these days with so many platforms, so many things. 

That is the most amount of commitment people are willing to make. For something new. 

And that's okay. That is more than good enough. 

Having people come to your events. That's great. That's dope. Do not think you have to build a community. On the back of a defined group on a certain platform. It can be a recurring. Meetup. Or a hangout. Or a series. In person or virtually doesn't matter. And once you've done that. 3 4, 5, 6, 7 times. And people have shown. 

They have an interest. And joining a platform where they can talk to each other. Brilliant. Fantastic. Before that if you're trying to go on a platform and put people in. It's honestly selfish. 'cause you're like I own this community. No, you don't. No you don't and neither do I. 

So my piece of advice. Today. And a quick format is. If you're going to do a community, which I very much support. Start. Would there occurring. Meetup of some sort.

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